Systems Engineering

Space Systems Engineering is an exciting profession addressing the design, creation and operations of complex space systems. It covers the complete programme and system lifecycle.

Space Systems Engineering covers the evolution from the conceptual design and new technology innovations through design, development and verification of state-of-the-art instrumentation, spacecraft and ground systems. Areas of interest include mission analysis, design and development, payload, calibration engineering, payload performance modeling and simulation and spacecraft systems engineering. Space System Engineering is involved in the design and development of spacecraft systems from concept development and mission feasibility analysis through system verification, working with multi-institutional customer design teams to define the spacecraft system solutions.

A system is considered as a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex whole, sharing common characteristics like the structure (architecture), the behaviour (functions and performance) and the interconnectivity (interfaces). The complexity is linked to the not-heterogeneity of the system components and to the use (Mission) requirements and how they are demanding and constraining.

faas-consulting provides comprehensive professional System Engineering services supported by the long and deep experience in defining, designing and developing complex and high performance space systems in the navigation, earth observation, science and telecommunication domains.