Ground segment development

The mission and payload Ground Segment is the set of sub-systems deployed on the earth to manage and control both the spacecraft and its payloads. For navigation, earth observation and science missions, a payload data ground segment receives and processes the data produced by the instruments on-board the satellite and archives and distributes the resulting products to external users. It is the essential bridge between the spacecraft and its end-users.

The satellite and ground control segment process, distribute, perform analysis of telemetry and issue commands, data uploads, and software updates to spacecraft. The control centers may also be responsible for configuration management and data archive. There are typically backup sites from which mission control can be maintained if there is a problem at the primary control center which renders it unable to operate, such as a natural disaster.

Horst has been involved in the development of very complex ground segments (Galileo, EGNOS, Meteosat and Metop) for more thanĀ 12 years. Based on this hands-on experience faas-consulting is able to provide highly professional support service covering the complete ground system lifecycle from the establishment of the overall concept, the initial design, the development follow-up, the deployment support and finally support during the ground segment integration, verification & validation until the handover to the operations team.